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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Rebirth In The Garden

A little bit of sunshine is enough to bring about new life under the row covers. This week has been really cold but we have had a few sunny days and it got close to 40° a couple days the week before. There are fourteen of these covered rows and only eight are dug out of the snow. We should have dug them all out the other day when it was warmer because now they are frozen to the ground by ice...oh well. I will have to make do with greens from the others until we get a couple more warm days and I can finish the task.

The larger Swiss chard's have started to rise from a long winters nap.

This fabulous red veined sorrel, that I once bought at a farmers market from a seller of herbs, has always been there for me. It now self propagates throughout the garden and is the only source of vitamin C I will ever need.

Various kale,
mustard, chicory, spinach and mache have also started to come out of hibernation. This is a good thing because a month and a half of pulling greens from the winter garden is starting to take it's toll on the salad population. I always look forward to February because I know that the worst is behind me and life will start to begin anew under the garden row covers and cold frames.


rhonda jean said...

We have shade tunnels here so it's good to see your snow covered plastic tunnels. Your leaves are looking very good, I wish I could grow spinach like that. Ours will only grow in the dead of winter.
I like to have February behind me too. But here it's because the worst of the hot and humid weather has passed and we look forward to a long nine months of perfect growing weather.

Happy gardening.

Mr. H said...

Hello Rhonda,

It's strange to think that you have to much heat while we have too much cold. The plants in the pictures don't look quite so good today as the temperature has fallen once again.

Stay cool

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