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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Eggsperiment

With winter coming on we decided to freeze some eggs while the girls were still laying well. Having never done this before we were sceptical at best. We froze them individually in muffin tins and then transferred them to freezer bags.

Three months later we decided to give them a try. We thought they would be OK for baking or scrambling, but what about fried? We put them to the 'trial by fire' in our trusty cast iron egg frying pan.

It looked and cooked like it was fresh out of the hen house.

Only one test left...the taste test. Our toughest food critic, our 4 year old grandson, agreed with us that it was the best egg ever! The only dicernable difference was that the yolk was never runny - it came out more as over medium rather than over easy.

Although the hens haven't stopped laying and production is now picking up, it is good to know that we have this storage option available.


Scarecrow said...

Thanks for this...I've never tried to freeze eggs that way before only beaten. This sounds very useful for the winter lull.

Mr. H said...

Hello Scarecrow,

The eggs really did taste pretty good. My wife said if you bring some of those grapes over when they are ripe she will fix breakfast.Don't forget to dress warm.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

did you defrost the egg before frying?

Mr. H. said...

Lisa and Rob,

We do let them thaw out (maybe 30 minutes) before cooking but I have poached them frozen before with good results...it just takes a little longer. Thanks for visiting.


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