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Friday, January 21, 2011

Early 2011 Planting Schedule and Notes

Onions - Sowed in flats on 2/15 (start in January next year).
Transplanted into garden on 4/17. Next year I will plant later or grow under cover for the first month or so...too cold.

Celery - Sowed in flats on 2/23 (Start in January next year). Planted in garden on 5/6.

Peppers, Eggplants - Sowed in flats 3/4 (Start in February next year).

Tomato, Tomatillo, Ground Cherry - Sowed seed in flats on 3/8-3/18. Started re-potting tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, tomatillos, and others on 4/30.

Brassicas, including: Turnips, Kohlrabi, Broccoli, Kale, Cabbage, and Mustard were sowed in flats on 3/13.
Transplanted (test) turnips into garden on 4/9.
Transplanted kale into garden on 4/17.
Transplanted broccoli, kohlrabi, and cabbage on 5/8.

- Sowed in flats on 3/15. Transplanted to garden on 4/9.
Direct seeded more on 4/18. Direct seeded spinach starting to emerge, 5/5.

Lettuce, including various chicory and arugula - Sowed in flats 3/14.
Transplanted into garden on 4/16.

Herbs - Sowed in flats 3/18. All herbs planted in garden on 5/11.

Garlic - Planted under row cover on 4/2, removed row cover on 4/18.

Parsnips - Direct seeded on 4/10. Starting to germinate on 5/5.

Parsley - Direct seeded 4/15. Germinated on 5/15.

Belgian Endive - Direct seeded 4/15. Noticed germination on 4/29.

Fava Beans planted on 4/20. Starting to germinate 5/5.

Amish Red Gooseberry, Achilles Gooseberry, Gloire de Sablons pink Currant, Black Velvet Gooseberry, Einset Grape, and Crimson Cherry Rhubarb from Raintree nursery planted on 4/20. Crimson Rhubarb arrived in unsatisfactory condition so they sent us 3 more plants and let us keep the originals. Good customer service.:) All the berry bushes had a good root system and shoul do well.

Carrots - Direct seeded on 4/24. Germinating on 5/12.

Beets - Direct seeded on 4/24. Starting to germinate, 5/7.

Hamburg parsley - Direct seeded on 4/25. Germinated on 5/22.

Afilia peas - Direct seeded on 4/25 (and then it started to snow again). Germinated on 5/9.

Minaj Smyriou and Crandall black currants arrived in good shape from Burnt Ridge Nursery on 4/29.

5/2 - The weather finally allowed for the planting of some of our potatoes...unfortunately we were rained out and still have 4 rows left to plant. It's going to be a big potato year for us as we are shooting for 600 lbs...enough for us and the chickens.....and dog.:) Finished planting on 5/3.
Potatoes emerging, 5/15.

Planted Schubert Chokecherry sometimes called Canada Red Cherry and a black cherry tree. Also noticed all of the varieties of cherries we are growing from seed have sprouted, 5/8.

5/29 - Planted Golden Salmon berries and a Logan berry start purchased from local nursery and farmers market.


Veggie PAK said...

You have really been busy! It feels good to do this type of work to get your food, rather than going to a big box store. Think of all the chemicals you are saving your family from ingesting! Keep up the great work as you inspire others to turn to the soil!

Mavis said...

Inquiring minds want to know...What kind of onions did you plant this year? Walla Walla Sweet onions are on the top of my list...

Sinfonian said...

All looks tasty. Sure hope the weather warms a bit to help your plants (and mine) grow.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

You have been very busy. Direct sowing does save time not to transplant later and worried it will bolt.

Mr. H. said...

Veggie PAK - Thanks, it does indeed feel good to eat the food raised by ones own hand and know exactly what went into growing it.:)

Mavis - I'm skipping the Walla Walla's this year and am sure I will regret it...first time I have not grown them in quite a few years. We are growing Yellow of Parma, Stuttgarter, Jaune Paille des Vertus, Varsity, and Utah Sweet for storage onions and also have a few scallians, bunching onions, and Egyptian walking onions going...obviously, we are allium addicts.:)

Sinfonian - Well it snowed and we even had a bit of a blizzard for a while today but eventually it has to warm up.. I hope.:)

Malay-Kadazan girl - Busy as a hive of bees, which is why I have not been posting too much lately...but we are having a great time getting ready for the growing season.

Mike said...

We are on the same schedule! I have noticed the same observation about onions. peppers, and eggplant. They really need some extra time. I think we will be starting the onions in January as well next year. Perhaps we will try the peppers and eggplant in February too! Great schedule. We are going to print it and add it to our stack seed starting resources

Mr. H. said...

Mike - I will probably continue to update this page throughout the spring, mostly I just wanted it as a reminder on exactly what dates I planted everything.

Buttons said...

Mr H boy have you two been busy. Wow I can't wait to see them all growing and green yummy. B

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