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Monday, June 15, 2009

A Shaggy Mane Morning

Ah yes, a shaggy mane mushroom for breakfast... what a treat. They magically appear in our backwoods after spring and early summer rains. Unlike morels, there is a very short window of opportunity in which to harvest them, a few hours too late and they become an inky mess. I only found one this morning, sometimes there are several. Fried and served with fresh eggs... delectable.

Be very aware that this lovely specimen DOES have at least one poisonous look alike, regardless of what some mushroom books might tell you. Often gregarious and always abdominally troubling Chlorophyllum molybdites, or false parasol, looks similar enough when small.


Stefaneener said...

What a nice bit of bounty you have so close. Sounds like a yummy breakfast.

Anonymous said...

What a nice breakfast!
I wish I felt confident identifying wild mushrooms, but don't. When a child we would walk and collect bucketfuls with our parents, but those days are far gone and the skills with them...sadly...
I have just recently found your blog and find it very interesting, but the seasons are reversed for me here in Australia. Your garden is fabulous!

kdilley said...


Mr. H said...


Shaggy manes are one mushroom that we can harvest right from our property and morels grow less then a mile down the road. The Shaggy manes are so good, if you have not, and ever get the chance, you must try them.

Mr. H said...


There are a few mushrooms that are fairly easy to identify, but you are right to be cautious.. it only takes one mistake.

I've spent years studying a few mushrooms, and am now only confident in my ability to identify those few and no others. I have absolutely no inclination to take risks when it comes to my health.

They edible ones sure are good though, much better then any store bought mushroom.

Thank you so much for paying us a visit, and think spring.:)


Mr. H said...


Thank you! Nothing made by man can come close to natures magnificent creations.


Silke said...

Oh, Shaggy Manes - they bring back sweet memories of my grandmother, who lived with us for many years. She would collect them around the neighborhood, sautee them for us in some butter until they were nice and brown and then serve them on a nice piece of toast. One of my favorite treats growing up. Thanks for that memory! :) Silke

Mr. H said...


Sounds like we both had grandmothers who took us foraging for wild edibles. Fried shaggy manes on toast sound scrumptious, that's how I will try them next time. Hmmm...it's raining right now, perhaps I should go out searching again tomorrow.


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