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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Run Baby Run

Mrs. H and I have been together for almost thirteen years now and her training has officially commenced :). She has decided to run in her first race, Bloomsday, a 12km (7.46mi) race held annually on the first Sunday each May in Spokane, Washington. Bloomsday originated in 1977 with just over a thousand runners and has subsequently grown to an average of over 50,000, drawing runners from all over world as well as the US. So...as head coach, I am under a great deal of pressure as her performance will be a direct reflection upon my coaching skills.

She, on the other hand, has a somewhat less lofty goal and has said her aim is to "just do it." Committing to it was probably the hardest part for her. She has, after all, lived in the area since the race's inception and has yet to be a proud participant. Mrs. H says she doesn't like crowds, and as a fellow recluse I cannot blame her. But this year will be different. And, OK, I may have exaggerated a bit as she says her physical training will start on Monday, not today. Right now she's just working on the mental aspect of the whole thing. I can grant her that, I guess.

In reality, it shouldn't be too difficult for her as we have been doing a bit of running for several years. We live on a small lake that is 5.4 miles around and she has progressed from walking it several times a week to running it. She has gone from barely being able to get around the whole lake to actually setting some pretty good times so I am optimistic with some serious dedication on both our parts I will have her whipped into shape in no time.

I've already had to make one concession, however. She's requested a new running outfit for the event, as she's sure she will run into (not literally I hope) someone she knows. What a way to get a new outfit - that Mrs. H sure is a shrewd one!

In all honesty though I am extremely proud of my wife. I know how much she hates running, yet she dutifully trudges onward in our unrelenting quest for physical and mental well being. A better partner in this most interesting adventure we call life is not to be had.


Chiot's Run said...

Congrats! The first step is signing up for the race. I must warn you though, they can be addictive. Once you go to you one you just love it so much you want to do more. I was hoping to finally run my local half-marathon this spring, but I got injured last fall and have been off running for the past couple months. Perhaps next year will be my year!.

Oh and by the way, perhaps introvert is a better term than recluse. As a fellow introvert I know excatly what you mean.

Mr. H said...

Chiot's Run,

I can go with introvert, that sounds better...perhaps. I started running a couple years ago and really do enjoy it. Currently, I am working towards running a marathon in 2010...maybe. I do 15-16 mile runs off and on throughout the summer but have never gone much past that..yet.

I had a few problems with shin splints early on until I backed off and now will not run but every third day, and my times have really improved since.

Another trick I just learned is that running in the snow, on a well groomed trail will work wonders for your leg muscles, stamina, and takes away the stress...it is very similar to running up hills....not sure what you get in the way of snow down your way.

My wife on the other hand really does not like running, but does see the benefits...how I talked her into doing Bloomsday I will never know.

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